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How to Wear

Whisper Up! America. Wear Whispers as a single or double necklace. Wear it long or double it for extra umph! Throw...

Aquamarine Whisper

$ 18.00

The Aquamarine Whisper has breezy tones of aqua, pale blue and azure.  Model is wearing Aquamarine Scarf

Aspen Gold Whisper

$ 18.00

The Aspen Gold Whisper is a beautiful warm golden color. Model is wearing the Aspen Gold scarf 

Harvest Whisper

$ 18.00

The Harvest Whisper has lovely, warm tones of fall: orange, red and light brown.    Model is wearing the Harvest Whisper...

Juniper Spice Whisper

$ 18.00

The Juniper Spice Whisper has beautiful warm tones of crimson, moss green and cinnamon.    Model is wearing the Juniper Spice...

Carnivale Whisper

$ 18.00

The Carnivale Whisper has warm tones of rose, burnt orange and charcoal. This Carnivale Whisper comes in three styles, a Single Loop,...

Cilantro Whisper

$ 18.00

The Cilantro Whisper has gorgeous tones of pale green, avocado and gold. This Cilantro Whisper comes in three styles, a Single Loop, a Double...

Crimson and White Whisper

$ 18.00

Our gorgeous crimson and white Pom Pom Whisper merges together a deep crimson with white. Perfect for showing your team spirit! ...

Blue and White Whisper

$ 18.00

Our gorgeous blue and white Pom Pom Whisper merges together a royal blue with a solid white. Perfect for showing...

Camellia Whisper

$ 18.00

The Camellia Whisper has wonderful green and pink tones, and offers a splash of color that doesn't dominate an outfit! This Camellia Whisper comes...